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Prof Eddie Anderson
Prof Thomas Olivier Leautier
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Faisal Wahid
About Smart Services
Smart Services is Portfolio 4 of the New Zealand National Science Challenge 7, "Science for Technological Innovation". The research in the portfolio aims to enable organisations to combine analytics techniques and new ICT methods to create value from large quantities of data through better processing, presentation, collaboration and decision-making tools.
Latest News
National Science Challenge 7 Website Launched (html)

The official website of National Science Challenge 7, "Science for Technological Innovation" was launched on June 9, 2016.
Spearhead Project
The spearhead project for Smart Services is R Five - a collaborative modelling effort looking at the effects on New Zealand businesses of randomness, risk, rivals, remoteness and resource limitations. The R Five project will create value for New Zealand primary and manufacturing industries, as well as leading to the development of services (through the provision of new software models) for both the public and private sector. There are three main projects that make up the spearhead. They are:
Value chain optimization models (html)

Robust operations planning under risk (html)

Smart Services for Maori Primary Industry (html)

Academic Publications
Equilibrium, uncertainty and risk (pdf)

What is happening with the National Science Challenges? (pdf)

Smart Services Workshop 2016

Talks soon available for download.